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Yahoo Autos names the 2015 Volkswagen GTI the Car of the Year

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Yes, yes, "Miata" is always the answer. But for those who aren't consecrated in Bob Hall's Church of the Soft Tops, every year the editors of Yahoo Autos gather in central California, take the keys to a selection of the best of 2015 and wring them out but good to anoint our Car of the Year. This year we had 17 models into our competition, and honest to blog no favorite coming in, unlike last year. We drove around our mountain loops and had hotshoe editor Alex Lloyd blister through a course set up by American Auto-X Cross, mainly to break up the laughter between ruining the Challenger Hellcat's tires.


And then we argued it out over tacos and picked the Volkswagen Golf GTI. It's a controversial one; yes, we chose it over the Hellcat, and the Z/28, and the WRX and Mustang Ecoboost. (There are other awards for some of them.) You can read all of our reasons below, or just skip to the fun part of seeing Pirelli P Zeros turned to ash. Maybe next year we'll sing from Bob Hall's latest hymnbook:


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